Welcome to UNI Products. Nulenty Enterprises (Private ) Limited is a wholly Zimbabwean owned company that was established in 2009 and has grown to be the leading supplier in maputi cornsnacks with a wide range available for all to enjoy. Our great selection of unique cornsnacks, flour and mealie meal will meet your needs,. Our products are available in all leading retail outlets and wholesalers throughout Zimbabwe. Contact our customer service with questions or comments.


To run a highly profitable organisation whilst maintaining our presence in the market so as to increase shareholder wealth and the betterment of lives.

Our Values
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UNI Products

UNI Maputi

UNI Maputi is the leading brand in the maputi sector. The great taste and flavour make it suitable for all occassions and all ages. Available in 20x50g cases.

Salted Maputi

Salted Maputi cornsnacks range has a great taste for those who love that salt flavour. Available in the 20x25g case size.

Chilli Habanero Flavoured Maputi

The Chilli Habanero Flavoured Maputi cornsnack is for those who enjoy hot and spicy food. This flavour rich product will leave a zing in your taste buds. Available in 20x25g case size.

Peanut Butter Flavoured Maputi

The Peanut Butter Flavoured Maputi cornsnacks line is for those who love peanut butter. This snackfood has a great natural flavour and taste. Available in the 20x25g case size.

Sweet Caramel Flavoured Maputi

Those who have a sweet tooth will definitely enjoy the Sweet Caramel Flavoured Maputi cornsnacks line. Available in the 20x25g case size.

Salt & Vinegar Flavoured Maputi

Those who enjoy a savory taste will enjoy the tangy taste in the Salt & Vinegar Flavoured Maputi cornsnack range. Available in the 20x25g case size.

Tomato Flavoured Maputi

The Tomato Flavoured Maputi cornsnacks range is ideal for that tomato flavour that we have all grown to love and enjoy. Available in the 20x25g case size.

UNI Self Raising Flour (2kg)

The UNI Self Raising flour is suitable for all your baking needs. From pancakes to scones, UNI Self raising flour is just for you. Available in the 2kg flour pack and the 10x2kg case size.

UNI Self Raising Flour (5kg)

The 5kg Self Raising flour will also meet your baking needs, pizza, rolls, scones and buns.  The larger pack size allows you to enjoy the product for longer.

UNI Cake Flour

The UNI Cake flour is great for cake recipes, from a simple vanilla cake. This is available in the 2kg pack size and the 10x2kg case size.

UNI Brown Flour

UNI Brown flour is a great source of nutrients and is high in fibre. It can be used in making brown bread, chapatis and lots of other products. The UNI Brown flour is available in the 5kg pack size.

UNI Roller Meal

The UNI Roller Meal can be used in making sadza and also in baking chimodho  and other great traditional dishes. The UNI Roller Meal is available in the 10kg pack size.

UNI Super Refined Mealie Meal

UNI Super Refined mealie meal is great in the preparation of sadza. The UNI Super Refined Mealie Meal is available in the 10kg pack size.

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Ingredients Vegetable oil, to deep-fry 115g (3/4 cup) UNI self-raising flour 160ml (1 cup) milk…
September 7, 2021

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